Building Club Membership

Are you looking for ways to build your club membership? Fresh ideas? Best practices? Then you’ve landed on the right page! This page is meant to be the one-stop shop so you don’t have to search all over to find new ideas to build the membership of your club. By no means am I implying that these are all of the answers, but it will help to get you started. Why would we want more members in our club? So that we can help more people experience the power of being a better communicator and a more effective leader.

Open House Guest Packets

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Open House Checklist
Hundred Membership Ideas
Features, Benefits and Values Chart
Your Membership Provides
Become a Better Leader
Uncover Your Leadership Potential
Member Recruiting
Your Path To Leadership
Find Your Voice Poster
Find Your Voice

Club in a Bag

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Club in a Bag Checklist
Club Growth Letter
Club Calendar
Charter Payments
Charter Member Application
Charter Forms Checklist
Charter Club officer Information
Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club
A Toastmasters Wears Many Hats
Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan
Your Membership Provides
4 week meeting roles
Welcome Letter Gene Bailey
Welcome Letter Example
Toastmaster International FAQ
Timing Cards
Timer Sheets
Timer's Sheet
Timer Sheet #2
Timer Guide and Tally Sheet
Steps to Charter a Toastmasters Club
Steps to Charter a Club 2017
Sample Agenda
Role Sign Up Sample Sheet
Path Summaries
Guest Welcome
Guest Sign in Sheet
Grammarian Report
Confidence the Voice of Leadership

Open House Resources


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